Private classes


Benefits of Onsite Classes and Group Training

For organizations that want to build knowledge and skills for a team of people, the Life Cycle Institute provides group purchase discounts and private, onsite training classes. If you have five or more people that could benefit from a course, an onsite class is probably most cost-effective and offers many benefits for your organization.

Some benefits of an onsite or group training solution include:

Focus on your unique issues — we integrate relevant examples and activities into the curriculum

Schedule the class when it’s convenient for your operation​

Save travel expenses and spend 40% less time off the job because we travel to you​

Show the importance of your program by having site leaders kick off a workshop

Include a variety of participants: managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, and more​

Group purchase discount and mix-and-match eLearning to best suit your needs​


Learning that Produces Results

A private class allows an organization to assemble leaders in the same room, providing ample internal networking and team-building opportunities. This is especially beneficial when team members work at different sites and don't have many chances to build critical relationships.

Solving Problems is What We Do Best

Let us know your situation, and we will explore what solution best fits your needs.