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eREE Assignment 3: Calculate mean time between failure (MTBF in hours) for a critical system/asset. Enter the MTBF and desired hours of operation into this formula to calculate the reliability of the system under analysis:

Reliability =  
t = time = desired hours of operation
Lambda λ (Failure Rate) = 1/MTBF
e = base of natural logarithm = 2.71828
Report the results and any recommendations to improve reliability for the system

Please name your file with course and assignment # (eREE #3)

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eREE Assignment 2: Using the Weibull Analysis spreadsheet tool, research failure history for a bad acting component-level asset that is 1) installed in multiple locations on your site, 2) experiencing a dominant failure mode and 3) operating under similar environmental and usage conditions. Enter at least five (5) times to failure (hours) to calculate the Characteristic Life and Shape Factor (Beta) for the population.  Identify the nature of the failure: (i.e. infant mortality, random failure, wear-out). This can apply to a single component-level asset if there are at least 5-failures for the same failure mode.  Do not mix failure modes!

eREE Assignment 2 Document: Reliability Engineering Tool – Weibull Calculator

Please name your file with course and assignment # (eREE #2)