Reliability Engineering Excellence (eREE)


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  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Reliability Engineering
  • Life Cycle Asset Management
  • Loss Elimination
  • Risk Management
  • Maintenance & Control Strategy (PM/PdM)
  • Metrics and System Performance
  • Management of Change
  • Reliability Program Management
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Reliability engineers drive the value assets can deliver by overseeing equipment life cycle performance from concept through disposal.

The unique skillset of a Reliability Engineer is in demand. eREE – Reliability Engineering Excellence online training – answers this need with a flexible and comprehensive curriculum for aspiring and experienced engineers.

Primary RE skills this course focuses on:

  • Building a business case for reliability
  • Designing reliability into a system or process before it’s built
  • Identifying and managing operational risks
  • Solving problems in all areas of asset management

eREE content is aligned with industry standards, and was built as a practical, performance-based toolkit with templates, assessments, action plans, analysis tools, and other resources.

eREE immerses the learner in scenarios where they will make decisions, solve problems and use critical thinking. By the end of the program, learners will be able to build and sustain a strategic Reliability Engineering (RE) program to achieve your organization’s reliability goals in the areas of risk management, loss elimination, asset care, and management of change.

Who Will Benefit
Anyone involved in asset reliability, capacity, and predictive maintenance programs. Those responsible for decreasing repetitive failures and seeking investments to improve plant reliability, including Reliability Engineers, Reliability Technicians, and Reliability Personnel.


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