Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (eMPS)


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  • Intro to maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Work management process overview
  • Information system and equipment history
  • Work identification
  • Work approval and prioritization by work type and equipment criticality (RIME index)
  • Estimating and measuring work
  • Work planning
  • Work scheduling
  • Work execution, closeout and continuous improvement
  • Work management program
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eMPS transforms our most successful learning program and decades of best practice benchmarking into a performance-driven, self-paced online solution. With built-in practical application and downloadable tools, you will be able to immediately apply what you learn.

Topics in this course include a proactive work management process, job estimation and prioritization, work prioritization by work classification and equipment criticality (RIME index), backlog management, job plan and bill of materials development, work scheduling, tracking progress, supporting reliability engineers with continuous improvement and root cause analysis (RCA) input, and key performance indicators to manage your program’s success.


Who Will Benefit

  • Maintenance Planner/Schedulers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Storeroom Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Operation Coordinators
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Plant Engineers
  • Purchasing


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