PdM Technologies Summary, Part Three – REC Online

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ePDM Assignment 2: FMEA/EMP Tool

Review the FMEA and EMP tool entries you’ve made for the system under analysis throughout the REC Online program, or begin one if you have not started an analysis yet (review eRCM if needed). Select or list 3 failure modes with a current control with poor detectability or no control at all. Recommend a predictive maintenance approach that could be used as an alternative control. Revise the risk priority number. Submit your results, along with a business case for investment in a new technology if the predictive technology you recommend is not currently part of your existing program.

Establishing a PdM Program – REC Online

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ePDM Assignment 1: PdM Program Self Assessment Tool

Review the results of the PdM Program Self-Assessment you took in the lesson, or take the assessment now, rating each question.
Select three questions and report:
One that would likely be the easiest for your organization to adopt
One that would have the most obstacles/resistance
One that may have the biggest impact given where you are in your program maturity