Storeroom and Spare Parts Management


Apply sound storeroom operations principles. Manage inventory to optimize investment. Understand the role of purchasing. Implement effective work control processes.

This course is a requirement for the MMC and PSC certifications.

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Storeroom and Spare Parts Management Training
Managing a storeroom is a balancing act. Storeroom managers must have the materials and parts available to keep operations flowing while minimizing inventory investment.

In this three-day class, you will learn how to ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time. When you apply the knowledge and skills learned in this class, quality will increase and costs will decrease. You will be able to manage your storeroom in a way that successfully balances the needs of operations and maintenance while optimizing your inventory and carrying costs.

In This Training, Learn How To

  • Discuss the storeroom and spare parts management challenges that organizations are facing
  • Identify the elements of spare parts and storeroom management
  • Discuss how spare parts and storeroom fits into the overall umbrella of Reliability Excellence
  • Discover the characteristics and steps involved in effective storeroom and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) materials processes
  • Discuss the basic steps involved in implementing effective inventory control best practices
  • Summarize the basic steps involved in implementing effective storeroom/warehouse management best practices
  • Describe how a CMMS can support spare parts and materials management processes and best practices
  • Identify contributors to total cost of materials
  • Practice techniques to manage MRO storeroom inventory investment
  • Define the standard set of basic MRO storeroom key performance indicators
  • Develop an inventory/investment management processes action plan


Who Should Attend Training
Anyone involved in storeroom, spare parts or inventory management – directly or indirectly – will find value in this course, including:

Storeroom Managers/Supervisors
MRO Materials Managers
Storeroom Personnel
Maintenance Managers/Supervisors
Reliability Professionals