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As part of the self-paced Reliability Engineering Certification (REC Online) program, eRCA includes assignments throughout the course to submit for marking by a subject matter expert coach. We also encourage candidates to complete the action plans included in course modules.

This is a required course for the REC Online certification. For more information on the REC Online program download the brochure.


  • The Target Condition
  • Step One – Notification
  • Step Two – Clarification/Classification Part 1 & 2
  • Step Three – RCA Models Part 1, 2, & 3
  • Step Four – Corrective Action
  • Step Five – Verification
  • Step Six – Documentation
  • RCA Program


Root Cause Analysis Online Training (eRCA)
eRCA is a primary training tool to help your reliability and maintenance team take a holistic, program approach to solve problems and prevent recurring failures. The program introduces an RCA program model that helps teams classify problems, select the appropriate root cause analysis tools, facilitate RCA events, validate countermeasures and communicate benefits from solving problems, and preventing recurring failures. Applying RCA best practices taught in eRCA will promote a culture of continuous improvement that yields sustainable results.


Practical Content
By applying the principles and practice activities in this online course, team members will contribute to a culture of continuous improvement by learning to ask the right questions, applying root cause analysis models, critically evaluating the findings, and selecting the right corrective actions. They will finally be able to prevent recurring failures of equipment and systems using tools to design and implement an RCA program. Course participants will be able to develop and apply practices that will lead to reduced downtime, improved efficiencies, and increased productivity.

Included are over 40 templates, tools, and job aids to help you practically apply these principles.


Key Topics Covered

  • Practicing a six-step process for root cause analysis
  • Identifying triggers and defining the target condition
  • Applying a variety of root cause analysis methods to real-life case studies
  • Analyzing information to accurately identify problems, not symptoms
  • Developing operational standards and priorities
  • Selecting techniques for solution development
  • Implementing and evaluating corrective action options
  • Establishing and operating an internal RCA Program


Who Will Benefit
Anyone interested in acquiring or improving advanced problem solving skills will benefit from this course. Individuals responsible for continuous improvement, solving maintenance and reliability problems, and preventing future occurrences of equipment and system failures, including: technicians, engineers, supervisors, and managers.

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eRCA Brochure


Additional information

Additional Information

REC Online program includes assignments throughout the course to submit for marking by a subject matter expert coach. To achieve the REC Online credential, candidates must complete all 4 required courses, successfully complete all coursework assignments, and achieve a passing score on the REC Capstone project with oral defense.